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Mylocal App & Website

Mylocal App & Website

The platform mylocal is a community of entrepreneurs which offer high-grade services. The network is restricted to individuals, small and medium sized businesses which can and are willing to garantee with the ceos name, for the quality of their services or products. While being founded in Luxemburg, mylocal aims to showcase service provider of Luxemburgs and its surrounding countries : Belgium, France and Germany.

This concept results in a marketplace of local services which can be used by quality conscious users to find their personal local contact person, expert, or provider. Exploring the local surroundings can be hard. Often word of mouth is the only way to discover truly unique services. Mylocal offers a trusted shortcut to find true experts, no matter where you live or stay.


Develope listing webapplication

  • Date

    March 23, 2016

  • Skills

    Javascript, Php, HTML, CSS, JQuery, API

  • Client


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